Makki Hammami

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Makki Hammami

* A Tunisian poet, a university researcher in the field of literature, and a distinguished professor of Arabic language and literature at the Tunisian Ministry of Education.

* Born on August 4, 1977 in Ghal El-Melh, governorate of Bizerte, Tunisia.

* He holds a professorship in Arabic language and literature from the Faculty of Arts, Manouba, Tunisia, batch 2003, culminated in an optional research letter to seal the professor entitled: Poetry on poetry Mahmoud Mahmoud Darwish, bed strange as a model.

* A master’s thesis on the last writing experiences of Mahmoud Darwish, 2013. He is preparing a doctoral thesis on modern Arabic poetry.

* President of the branch of the Union of Tunisian writers in the governorate of Bizerte.

* Participated in various cultural events, inside and outside Tunisia, in Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and France.


* Received many Arab awards in the field of poetry, including:

Mufdi Zakaria Prize for Poetry at its Maghreb session in 2002, and its Arab session in 2011, Algeria.

Dubai Cultural Award for Poetic Creativity, 2010_2011, UAE.

Naji Noman International Literary Award, 2012, Lebanon.

 Abdulaziz Saud Al-Babtain Foundation Award for Poetic Creativity, 2012, Kuwait.

بن Mohammed Bin Ali Al-Sanusi Prize for Arabic Poetry, 2013 edition, Saudi Arabia.

The Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Prize in International Poetry Eyes, 2014, Palestine.

Palestine International Poetry Foundation Award, Samih Al-Qasem 2015, Jordan.


* Issued to him in the hair:

First Sin, Tunisia, 2010.

 Kingdom of Minor Things (Poetry for Children), Tunis, 2011.

 This is my kingdom, Tunisia, 2011.

 Gold Solitude, Tunisia, 2012.


Sitting on her picture …

I sit with my image ..

I contemplate it, stunned and wicked visions ..

(So ​​I was, in my loneliness ..!)

The more you smile, the more you tank.

A sniper freezes, suddenly.

He rips in the corner

Thread of arachnid ..



I tell her about my torment,

And he will receive my darkness at dawn ..

You send me a tree ..

And you add the surplus of its greenery

(Do not Thaddn your enemy ..!

Be in the words and paper Tout ..!)




I think about its holy face,

And the mourn of her laughter;

And a thousand doors and doors shall be opened in my horizon.

And the heavenly kingdom expands



The kingdom expands ..



And as I go deep into the dream,

Beyond a star that is not said,

And ignite the longing;

I release my rhyme,

Like lead is crucial,

In the direction of silence ..



I aim my childish heart

In their face,

One, one ..!

(League of prostitutes in my time)

Besieging them with my emotional blood,

And the rhythm of a song does not die ..!

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