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Poet, writer, translator, university lecturer

Television performer of cultural and literary programs

The founder (in 1995) and editor-in-chief of PARNASSZUS poetry journal,

managing director of PARNASSZUS BOOKS Publishing House.

Secretary General of the Hungarian P.E.N. Club

Chairman of Poetry Section at Hungarian Writers’ Association

3rd Vice-President and Board Member of World Congress of Poets.

Full member of European Academy of Poetry, Luxembourg

Prizes, honours:

International Poetry Prize in Warsaw, 2004.

Knights’ Cross Order of the Hungarian Republic, 2004.

National Prize of Literature, 2006. (József Attila Prize)

Honorary Literary Doctorate of World Congress of Poets, USA 2008

Poet Laureate of the Hungarian Republic, 2010.

Main poetry volumes:

Auxiliary Muses in Black Lacquered Shoes, 1985.

Music for Unemployed Pianists, 1987.

Women & Poetry (erotic poems with photos) 1990.

American Action, 1991.

Sir, Please Name Your Seconds, selected, 1993.

The Night of Long Poems, 1997.

Green Rabbi, 2001.

Pieces on Sms for 66 Contemporary Poets, 2002.

Silence Calling, 2004.

Selected poems, 2005.

Reminiscences, 2007.

Eroticon, 2009

Memory of Change, 2011.


Main prose books:

Heavenly High School, 1987, 2012.

Nor Without You, 1999.

Deodatus, 2001.

6 other plays and radioplays.


Main translations:

Anais Nin: The Delta of Venus (novel)

I.B.Singer: The Family Moskat (novel)

Thomas Keneally: The Chant of Johnny Blacksmith (novel, Australia)

Modern Hebrew Poets – anthology

Modern Finnish Poetry – anthology (fully translated by)

Modern Australian Poets – anthology (fully translated by)

Modern Scottish Poetry – anthology

All the Windows Open – anthology of Australian, Finnish, Israeli, Scottish poetry

His books published in foreign languages:

A Través de los Anos (Poemas Escogidos), 2010. USA

Night Porter – bilingual book of poetry – hebrew-Hungarian, Eked Publ. Israel, 2011.

A Chapel Opens In the Heart – poems in Mandarine, Poem Culture Corp. Taiwan, 2012.

Sehr Gedichte – poems in German, 2013.

A Shadow

A shadow is lying on my bed
who sent it oh bother whose is it
it’s lying motionless naked
now it seems to look at me to nod
a decent shadow at any rate
picking up from my quilt
the discoloured hairs of one-time women
and setting my pillow right then with a
homely gesture it offers me a seat
sweat is trickling down my body in streaks
oh bother I must be dreaming awake
I’m about to dismiss it oh nonsense
how could shadows have bodies
intellect feminine gestures
then from the grey bony filaments of the darkness
the faultless form of EVE is unfolding
as if she had never been run over
by a yellow lorry with a Turkish license plate
as if she were alive and breathing blithely
she is lifting her finely crooked thin arm
as if to invite me
only the stunning bang
of the bathroom door can stifle
her unforgettable voice


(Translated by István Tótfalusi)

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