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Poems by the tunisian poet:Fatima ben fdhila


Fatima ben fdhila

Academic Degree: Professor in Journalism and News Science

Profession: Senior Professor

Teaching material: French

Books Issued:

_- Why my nude scare (poetry) 2003

_ From the hole of the soul overflowed (poetry) Prize Zubaida Bashir poetry 2006

Narrated by lovers (novel) 2008

Translate L’altitude glissante (traduction)

Shazly Al – Qarawashi Group « Smooth Rise »

Weaning Land (Poetry) 2016


Sugar plantations (hair)

The road to your love is not safe (poetry)

Said al-Baz or named Fatima (Novel)

Grappes d’amour (traduction)

Clusters of Love (translation of 39 Tunisian poets into French)

Participated in most of the national gatherings.

She won several awards in poetry and story

Participated in many Arab festivals: Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Iraq …

Managed several clubs and forums (Meadows Literature Club, Meadows Poetry Forum, Literary Club Wednesday Cultural Club Taher Haddad

– Member of the National Cultural Committee of the General Union of Tunisian Labor


Member of the committees of the arbitration of many forums (Literary Forum of the Faculty of Arts Sousse, Forum of self-taught poets Sousse, Forum Creative Pen Zaghouan, Forum of young poets Ariana, Forum of young writers Kelibia …)

Something grows in this darkness

Your fingers light up the rest of the way

Larks that migrated

She rests her nests on my balcony

Something amazing is growing in this darkness

The shiny letters trickle from your body

I am king

your lips

Your lashes

Trickling on the paper

And I’m thinking about all this

Something is happening in this universe

Seasonal birds

She returned prematurely

Something is happening right now

And I’m trying to arrange the letters

In what looks like the whole point

Pour a drop of water on your body and follow it

I put a drop of honey on your lower lip and taste it

He launched a swarm of small poems

Toward your house and throw a net behind

The drop that followed

It brought me to another soul

The nets I threw caught me

Something is happening and I’m slipping from you

To write this poem

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