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Ljiljana Atanasova

Dipl. Professor Ljiljana Atanasova lives in Skopje – Macedonia, where she completed primary, secondary and higher education, where she graduated from the Pedagogical Academy and works as an educator for the lower grades of primary school. He has been the honorary title of « Distinguished Pedagogical Worker » since 1995.

She has been reading and writing poetry for the soul from an early age with great love. She is a participant in numerous domestic and international literary events and poetry festivals. He won numerous recognitions, diplomas and medals for participating in literary competitions. She is represented with her poetry in several anthologies and joint poetry books in her country and in the region.

Her first published book is « Patuvanje so kompjuterot » (1994) – prose. With the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia, her children’s novel « Ringišpil » (2017) was published.

He also publishes a collection of short stories for children, « Price about nature » (2019)

He is the author of the « Textbook for the second grade » in 2004, and the author of the textbook « Macedonian language for the fourth grade of primary school in nine-year education » in 2009.

He is the co-author of the manuals for the Macedonian language for the first grade, « Singing Bikvarka 1 », « Language Games 1 » and « Merry Reading 1 », published in 2016.

He works and writes tirelessly, with a heart full of love for people, the written word and literature. Her first collection of poems for adults is published by 2020 « Life Requiem », and she has two more collections in preparation.





You’re back again,

stood in the same place.

Besides saying goodbye to you,

I was thinking of you,

she hoped for your arrival.


I know,

you can’t do without me, nor can I without you.

I know, brought you come back

the sample I sent,

what I have given you with my heart.


You stand in the palm of my hand again,

you ask for forgiveness, but you don’t have to.

I forgave you a long time ago, dear,

because all can make me angry

but only you not.


Sometimes I think, we’re the same,

we leave but still come back,

we leave no one forever,

and yet we are lonely.

Only you are always there for me,

like me for you,

all night when together in silence

we are alone, we grieve, we rejoice …




Пак ми се врати,

на истото место застана.

Иако од тебе одамна се простив,

постојано те мислев,

те очекував…


Знам, и ти не можеш без мене.

Те врати она што урнек го пратив,

она што од срце го подарив.

На дланката пак ми стоиш,

прошка бараш.

А не треба.

Прошка одамна ти дадов

зашто на сѐ можам,

но не и тебе да ти се налутам.

Понекогаш мислам, исти сме,

си одиме и пак се враќаме,

од никого сосем не заминуваме,

а пак осамени сме.

Само ти секогаш си тука за мене,

како и јас за тебе,

во ноќта кога молкум самуваме,

тагуваме, се радуваме.

Автор: Љиљана Атанасова


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