Shahdan Adelel Abdellatef Elgharabawy

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Shahdan Adelel Abdellatef Elgharabawy

Date of birth : 22 / 12 / 1968

Marital status : married with two children

Occupatian : lawyer and poet Member of International Center Of Poetry Marsille ( Centre international de poésie de Marseille )

Address : 5 Emad el Fayed street ,Victoria, Alexandria , Egypt.

Home phone : 52 72 100

MEmail : [email protected]

m obile phone : 0100 4877 31

EDUCATION 1992 Diploma in political economy and public finance, alexandria university 1991 LLB. Faculty Of Law, Alexandria University


Poetry Books Logic Hallucinations ( 1996 )

Not Thinking Of Painting It With Blue

( 1996 ) In One Bathtub (2012

Pills of sedative metaphor


Every night

The death angel gets in my room,

in his tall blue robe, with his grey wings

second by second, following me,

while I was collecting the metaphor pieces from the room corners,

from under the pillow that perfume distilled,

from the vase that filled with red tulips,

from the locker of lingerie and small towels,

from the coffee cup that promptly finished,

from under the romantic lampshade,

I distribute them on their places of the body of the poem

That injured with bed ulcers

And when I finished reading them

The death wings extend shaping the white paint

Never saying anything

Then gets placidly out

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