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Poem by the Italian poet: Sabrina De Canio (In Italian, English, Arabic), translated into Arabic by: Abdallah Gasmi

Poem by the  Italian poet: Sabrina De Canio

(In Italian, English, Arabic), translated into Arabic by: Abdallah Gasmi


Sabrina De Canio is a poet and performer from Piacenza in Italy. She is a member of the Terminal Realism Movement founded by the renowned poet Guido Oldani and is codirector of Piacenza’s Little Museum of Poetry, the only poetry museum in Italy, in Europe and possibly in the world.  In September 2019 she was awarded first prize in the International Festival of Poetry, Zivodrag Zivkovic Feather of Zenica in Bosnia – Herzegovina.  In this same festival she was nominated  best Italian writer 2019. Her poems have been published in anthologies, literary magazines (both Italian and international) and on blogs. A collection of her poems in an international edition will be published soon.







oliva, rosa, rosso,

verde, marrone, nero.


giglio di seta

cenere che lava.

Siamo latte

nelle porcellane

del servizio buono

sacre ad ogni partenza.

Siamo l’ago che ricuce

e il filo che si riannoda

fruscianti come libri

nel bianco che ci spegne.


Sabrina De Canio






olive, pink, red

green, brown, black.


lily of silk

ash that washes.

We are milk

in the dishes

of the best china

which are sacrosant

at each departure.

We are the needle that mends

and the thread that binds

rustling like books

in the white that extinguishes us.


Sabrina De Canio




زيتوني ، وردي ، أحمر

أخضر ، بني ، أسود.


زنبق الحرير

يغسل الرماد.

نحن حليب

في الأطباق الصينية



في كل رحلة.

نحن إبرة الخياطة

والخيط الذي يعقد من جديد

حفيفنا كالكتب

باللون الأبيض الذي يطوّقتا ..

صابرينا دي كانيو

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