Poems by the Greek poet:Panagiota Christopoulou-Zaloni  

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Christopoulouu – ZALONI
Member of Society of Greek Writers

Laureate Women of Letters (From U.P.L.I.-USA)

Award “ALI ASLLANI” of University “Ismail Qemali” – Vlora-Albania


Panagiota Christopoulou – ZALONI was born during 1942 in Saint George Istiaias Evia  Island. Greece. She studied economics at the University of Piraeus. She is active with literature and culture for several years.

Has published her work in 79 books and participates with her poems in 61 Anthologies

Translated and published in Serbia her poetic collection « chrysalis » within the framework of the 38th Festival of Poetry of Smederevo Serbia, where she participated as a Greek representation.

Also translated and published in Serbia by Dragan Dragojlovič her book « At the length of Love ».
Five books have been translated and published to Albanian language, where were shown and won the reading public of Albania

Her work translated in many languages is published in various literary publications abroad, for example in Serbia, Italy, China, India, Albania, Romania, etc.

Her work was honorably presented by great entities in many Greek cities and to the Balkans.

As president of the literary club XASTERON and also as director of the literary magazine « KELAINO » operates in the area of Culture and Letters (events, presentations, lectures, festivals, national and international congresses).

The poet also is painter of Byzantine icons and fights for a better world where love will reign.

Warn days


Warm days

I am having friendship with them

Till them

They betray me.

Like a fresh baked bread

Are smelling

And make me drunk.

Angels are holding

The hand tenderly

Sweet words are singing to me

To be dancing together.

Warms days…

The souls are in love.

Panagiota Zaloni



2       Ερημία



My horizons are going away

My dreams are distinguishing.

My thoughts are wearing grey hat

And my voices the sculptured are muted.

They are not calling the kiss of love.

The flowers in my hair withered

How? How to go to my temples?

My saints are weeping…

My seagulls?

Where my seagulls have been?

They always have accompanied me…


Codes of wilderness I am interpreting.

Panagiota Zaloni




3       Εξ αρχής

From the beginning


It was about contradictions

Though they merged harmonically

Oh! The hearts

When hearts are beating

All becomes alike

And identical (completely)

Like that at least, are been seen.

Augmented (their) life

Though, in contrary

Should have been diminished

Addition instead of subtraction

How nice!

Panagiota Zaloni




4       Ξεφεύγουν λυγμοί

Escape sobs

Green leaf
Travels in the foam of the sea.
It will be lost…
Escape sobs
He swims in the open sea to catch it.
But the wind blows.
And pushes it far away
In sunless places and times
It will be lost…
Escape sobs
He swims, he tries
Will he catch it?

Panagiota Zaloni







5       Αυταπάτες


Τhe beautiful face of dream, faded …
Picture with cheap paints
who was hiding under, resignation,
on the cutting edge of the dilemma.
Canvas is now naked
in affliction exposed.
What a commotion!

Panagiota Zaloni




6       Σαν χάρη

         As a favor


Erotic erasures,
Angelic smiles.

They stopped …
The chaos prevented them.
They jumped aside defenseless.
I picked up some of their flowers
and keep them in my memory
I didn’t deny it, to them,
They asked it from me, as a favor.

Panagiota Zaloni




Caresses have been ventilated
Kisses were released
Moons played

in the bed sheets of the night.
The bells rang with joy

in golden horizons

Panagiota Zaloni







Ι saw the flame in her eyes.
Instant vibration
I was immediately transformed
in rose,
who started singing
music incomprehensible
but melodic,
that pulled
with a wind picked up wagon
to find heaven!

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