Zlatko Čerkez

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Zlatko Čerkez

Zlatko Cerkez was born in Stolac on July 7, 1960. He studied mathematics at the Faculty of Science in Sarajevo and the Pedagogical Academy in Mostar. He began writing poetry at an early age, a great poetry enthusiast. He publishes 6 (six) collections of poems. The poet was expelled and imprisoned in his camps in Dretelj, Gabela and Heliodrom. When he was released, he immediately joined the Army of BiH, Primary and Secondary Schools in Blagaj, and after graduating from High School in Mostar Agricultural, Textile and Hairdressing in Mostar. Since 2001 he is the director of Blagaj Primary School. He has been a regular contributor to Most, the Islamic news newspaper Preporod and the Children’s and Youth Press. Working with children in his poetry has inspired “not to hate, not to call for revenge, simply to live life by soul. He lives and works in Blagaj.

Honesty in truth

Greed, pride and envy are waiting to dominate the soul
Man and character
Put on an equal sign
Inscription, life-threatening
Born, saved by good
Nice behavior if you’re into saber
Mined by transformation and arrogance if you point out greed
To the detriment of pride
Good for envy
By caressing pride
By germinating the conquest of greed
The soul dies painfully
It becomes the limit
In the wild
Where even the stone has no place
It does and does
Two parallel lines
Which never came close
The wicked ones did not intersect
An empty set of envy
Peace and eternity
Will for the better

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