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To whom it may concern : by Marija Ivoš

About the author:

Marija Ivoš was born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1946, and moved to Zadar at age 10. She began painting and writing poetry at a very young age, which ultimately inspired her to study Art and Croatian in university. Upon graduating, she began building her career in education. In her artistic career she has won several poetry competitions, was published in several poem collections and has had multiple exhibits of her paintings.



Tomorrow, I will be a bird


Stop one more time

sailor lost at sea

and touch me in your embrace.

Stop and whisper gently

words of love so inescapable

in a silver moon’s dreamy voice

cover me by it

while my hand so warm, boliling from the wait

taken from hope,

wished away from poems,

lost from silence,

is loved by that voiceless song.


Come, and whisper to my palms once again,

all your dreams already dreamt.

Dreams, so tender and new.

Dreams woven in all the words wished by the blue.

Be the love that brings nothing.

Be the love that takes nothing.


Which does not run away from pain

to those restless seas.

Be my love

and for one more night only

speak gently to my palms,

whisper breathlessly, without embraces and goodbyes.


For one night only, before the breaking

of the lost dawn,

for tomorrow, I will fly to those seas,

shrouded in your dreams.

Tomorrow, I will be a bird.

A songbird,

in our, reminiscent, blue




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