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Amela Titoric :

Amela Titoric born on September 7, 1973 in Zenica.

Due to war circumstances and my illness, I stopped in my Higher Education.

Malta I’m not a blind person.

I’ve been reading my whole life.

I did not read but lived on books. Books have been my biggest friend and they are today. I’m a big talker, and from that particular bed to speak, I had no one to go to early to write. I just love to release poems, poetry in prose, short stories because it makes me much happier. I’m only happy when I’m writing. Writing is really what I have.

I’m talking. English and I love learning foreign languages. I am currently learning Korean. I have my baby, a blog where I write my poems and stories and that is my diamond. That’s all I have in my works. I will send you my love song FROZEN with this.





Snow covers me

like the top of the mountains.

Alone in the winter.

The past has captured me.


A frozen heart.

Iced souls.

Cold fingers.

Frozen legs.


He doesn’t want his heart to beat.

She doesn’t want her soul to be happy.

They don’t want their fingers to touch.

Frozen in the past.

That’s how I live.

I’m frozen ahead.


Snowflakes sweep through my veins.

The snowstorm is in my soul.

The northerner is dancing in my heart.


Abandoned in the past.

Frozen in the present.

Frozen without that one

your sinful touch.


There is no tip of your finger

to lift my beard.

No warm lips for you

to touch mine.

Keep me warm …

To melt me ​​…

To revive me …

That they love me ..

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