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3 Poems of Ms. Panagiota Christopoulou-Zaloni-Greece


My horizons are going away

My dreams are distinguishing.

My thoughts are wearing grey hat

And my voices the sculptured are muted.

They are not calling the kiss of love.

The flowers on my hair milted.

How? How to go to my temples?

My saints are weeping…

My seagulls?

Where my seagulls have been?

They always have been accompanied me…


Codes of wilderness I am interpreting.


From the beginning

It was about contradictions

Though they merged harmonically

Oh! the hearts.

When hearts are beating

All becomes alike

And identical (completely)

Like that at least, are been seen.

Augmented (their) life

Though, in contrary

Should have been diminished

Addition instead of subtraction

How nice!


Escaped sobs
Green leaf
Travels in the foam of the sea.
It will be lost…
Escaped sobs
He swims in the open sea to catch it
But the wind blows
And pushes it far away
In sunless places and times
It will be lost…
Escaped sobs
He swims, he tries
Will he catch it?


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