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The ultimate value of life depends

upon awareness and the power of

contemplation rather than upon

mere survival.

~ Aristotle


Oh! It’s a great master’s prescription

for a dig into the value of living

rather than living

for survival as epicureans


A polyglot

known for tutoring

Alexander the Great

a masterly mentor

soaring on the wings of Sophocles

to overview the caverns of pain

that all your protagonists were interned in

ever and ever and ever

be they ruffled or becalmed

with all passions pent-up or spent up


None of us is Samson Agonistes

down on our earthly planes

you penned your Poetics

and produced thereafter

generations of preachers

for us to learn from ‘not to rise and fall’

but meander

like a river



roaming free

to roll down

to an ocean profound


Realms, Aristotle, you roamed once

are not meant for us

who eke out their misery

are not ever meant for us

who would ever be the Oedipuses of tragedy


We are lotted for a kiss

a kiss by the sweaty dust daily

neither a rise nor a fall

is our bread for survival


Your pen doesn’t pour ink

into the pores of philosophy

for the poor children

of our mother earth


Shrink we all from thinking much

one Dr Weiss of our time

tutors us to stop thinking

in order to delve deep

into the fountainsprings of Love only


Our sage Chaitanya left his scholarly charisma

as if all his learnt lore is a forgotten divorcee

Love and Devotion became his new brides

his dual mistresses to sleep and wake with


It’s no go

for a life of awareness

for our consecration to contemplation


Listen, our revered Aristotle

to a pseudoscholar’s prattle

It’s our day’s raging go

for the ramp and vamp of glittering beauties

for cinematic champs and simodic scams

rather than a fool’s foolery

to jump at a nonsense delve

into your prescription

for the value of life

in awareness and contemplation.


(C)09.02.2020 Jay Basu

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