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OPEN THE HIDDEN CHEST:By Ljiljana Dobra :Translated to Arabic by Abdullah Gasmi

Biography (little)

Ljiljana Dobra (Obradovic) was born in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Now living and working: Šibenik, Croatia.

Profession: Economist

The writer Ljiljana Dobra has published six books of poetry and her texts have been published in appropriate places in collections number of collections in Croatia, Serbia Bulgaria, Romania esc.

She participates in International recitals and poetry competitions, and her poetry has been published in relevant places, in collections and anthologies. She has received many International awards and recognitions.

Her first book of haiku, « The Shining of the Firefly, » was printed in three languages: Croatian, Serbian and English. He also writes prose, children’s poetry and is involved in artistic photography.

Ljiljana Dobra is a member of the Croatian Literary Union and many International organizations for international peace, harmony, humanity, friendship, unity and social justice.




Open the hidden chest of your Heart as a door,

As a forest does to every bird,

As a host to a dear guest.

And let the hearts from the four sides of the world enter your heart,

And let all the storms with its winds and rains do the same.


And Love everything like a gift

Because a Man who loves is rich

And rich is a Man who receives.


Let the Man inside you

Recognize the sorrow of a man

The stray dogs and the homeless.


And Love as the river loves

Its coasts and the passengers

And the earth loves the roots of the plants and the bottom of the rivers.


Open the chest at the bottom of the heart

And share the joy of love

And share a smile and Happiness

Like confetti – the heart flakes.


Let the light shine like a lantern,

Like a starry sky!

Let the Peace of the heart light up the anxious,

Comfort the unfortunate, help the poor

And give love to the neighbours, to Nature, even to yourself!


Let the Planet laugh and sing!!!

You got it all for free,

So give it for free!


Ljiljana Dobra

افتح الصندوق الخفي

افتح صندوق قلبك الخفي مثل باب ،

كما تفعل الغابة لكل طائر ،

كمضيف لضيف عزيز.

واسمح لقلوب الجوانب الأربعة من العالم، ان تدخل قلبك ،

واسمح لكلّ العواصف مع الرياح والأمطار أن  تفعل الشيء نفسه.

الحب في كل الحالات، هدية

لأن الرجل المحب ثري

والغنيّ هو الرجل الذي يتلقى.

دع الرجل بداخلك

يعرف حزن الرجل

الكلاب الضالة والمشردين.

أحب كما يحب النهر

سواحله وراكبيه

كما تحب الأرض جذور النباتات وقاع الأنهار.

افتح الصدر أسفل القلب

تبادل فرحة الحب

تبادل الابتسامة والسعادة

مثل النثار – رقائق القلب.

دع النور يضيء مثل فانوس ،

مثل سماء نجمية!

دع سلام القلب ينير الكآبة  ،

أسعد  الأشقياء ، ساعد  الفقراء

امنح الحب لجيرانك، للطبيعة، بل لنفسك!

دع الكوكب يضحك ويغني !!!

لقد حصلت على كل شيء مجانًا ،

لتمنحه مجانا!

ليليانا دوبرا

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