Loriz Poesy

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Loriz Poesy

My contribution for the New Year Celebration:


I am


a little flower bud

trimmed in pinkish ball gown,

minus the golden stud,

I peek my swirly crown.


Just for this promenade,

I will unfold my whorls-

poems in petals arrayed,

adorned with tiny twirls.


Blooming in tender spells,

I avoid impish trick

from wanton imps and belles,

with thorns I, too, can prick.


The world, I appreciate:

the hills, valleys and plains.

The love that they radiate

for man, it still remains.


To everyone who reads,

this little flower says,

« Do this life some good deeds

before the world decays ».


© Loriz, All rights reserved

Happy New Yea

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