Eden Soriano Trinidad

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By: Eden Soriano Trinidad


« As the seeds grow from the depth of the earth »

The illusive Peace will grow too

From the darkened core of men

Illumine with the glimmering lights of Hope.


Be your God is the God of Christians,

The God of Buddhism, Hinduism

And Muslims and other « isms. »


Each of these faithful and devotees has a heart

that wishes to live in the sereneness

and blissful bed of Guras in the Himalayas.


Each man and women

Wishes and whispers in supplications

And sing songs like a mantra

Peace, peace, come!

Peace and harmony for all.


If we speak peace

If our heart seeks for harmony

Our tones will make our bone marrows

And the Shalingrams cry for great peace.


Christmas brings Love and

Christmas brings Peace!


December 25, 2019

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