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The Water Bonfire : By Fethia  Jallad (Tunisia)

The Water Bonfire

There he comes…

Preening the night feathers

Breathing the dawning chirps

Delicately scattering scented oumber over the forsaken cities

Buttering bread for he ripped and the barefoot

May the drowning gardens grin.

Here he pops up…

Hailing the wounded

Get and up and sing for the earth steeping in blazing sin

And blasts of wind

Here we shows up…

May not the gnashed fingers bury the twilight birth

He knocked at the door…

As free as a bird

Over howling shivering shrubbery

Forsaken by a glove of sun

The Departure

And fueling fire into a bakery in agony

Hears beat..

Abducting a street from the starts for a kid whose feet lost the roses

He told me…

That the one lady drowned disturbed he costal tears

And that the sea wept the peak bloom of the spring

And that the smile spoilt the flux of misery

He taught me…

To plow the sun disk

To recite the rebellious ode for kids

Fancying blueberry fragrance

He taught me…

How to dwell palm trees

And expose the wheat robber

The one who burnt water into the field of the miserable

In between…

The moon branch broke and travelled

For I know not… wherein he pulled

Where the thing which is his fingers got to be


Fethia  Jallad


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