Wait for me . . . :By: Slavka Bozovic Mintenegro

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Wait for me . . .


Wait for me, my beloved boyfriend

In the zenith of the desert, when dawn is still sleeping

I’ll come timidly into the moonlight saddle

Wait for me, in a bed of jasmine and laurel


Wait for me, my beautiful baby

I’m on my way, here’s the bouquet star I’m picking

Listen to the silence of my wounded heart singing

Send me a candle flame to meet you halfway


Embraces of hope reach me in the east

Send me a tear to light my paths

I want your hand to hold me forever

And my lips look and caress my body


Wait for me, a shadow of my sadness

Wait for me, until I get to your broken dreams

I will bring the sun between my breasts and place it in your pupil

In my heart, I will bring you T-shirts for the future


Wait for me, my baby . . .


By: Slavka Bozovic


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