Sanja Velickovic Radonjic

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Sanja Velickovic Radonjic

Sanja Velickovic Radonjic, born in Bijelo Polje, Montenegro. He lives and works in Podgorica. In addition to poetry, he is also a painter. Her first book is already in print. She is represented in many collections in the country and abroad.



Your prophet

My tyrant is the greatest.

How to kill

Your enemy in you,

When no sword

That Gordian knot

It can’t cut.

I respect you as a Deity

No secrets reach,

Sensual delights of yours


They make you worldly and mortal.

Its eternity and greatness

Gives you the unprecedented power of the Sahara,

Hence in your sinful nature

Slaves, sandstorms, sun and rock.

I hear in peace

In order not to be jealous and lusty,

There was a betrayal,

As the Ombudsman

I can’t help myself.

Varnish dark knowledge

Toxic arrows,

It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t kill,

The smell of unbelief spreads,

And we are the creators

Own decay.

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