Wished to Wish You : By Nikodin Cernodrimski

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Wished to Wish You


Wake me good morning

to wish you a good evening,

leaving him noisy along with the young breeze

Let your blue hair glow

putting the most beautiful red poppies in it

born somewhere in the Endless Width.

Wish me a good night to give you a nice dream

born in my left blue eye,

and he will live in your right eye to the purple

Here I have resurrected a daylight

For you to recollect a remembrance!

So do not listen to the shadows around you

who just whisper empty prayers without meaning

They do not know they are still

that your tomorrow, was born in my yesterday.

Maybe I have still words not proven

maybe you’ve got still paths not gone

but they will leave them for the unborn ae

where he is still waiting for the rainbow to pass.


Hug your silence precisely when you see the fear in your dame as frightfully looking at the Champs Elysees.



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