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Professor of journalism and news science

From the Faculty of Journalism and News Sciences in Tunisia


Thesis on the Tunisian experience in the light of international models, Egypt, Britain, France, June 1999

Certificate in Spanish

Spanish Cultural Center (2000/2001)

Certificate in English Language

American Cultural Center (2012/2013)

Practical Experiences

Al-Sahafa Newspaper

(Tunisian daily newspaper)

Journalist and editor of the social and cultural page 1998-1999

Broadcasting Corporation

And Tunisian television

The first national television channel in a television program (doing reportage and covering press conferences and symposia) 1999 – 2000

Tunis Africa News Agency Sport Section (media coverage of some sporting events and activities and interviews and interviews with officials and athletes during the Mediterranean Games Tunis 2001) 2001 – 2007

Ooredoo Company

In the Communication and Media section

Service communication

(responsable de communication) 2002

Al Jazeera Talk website in Tunisia

Reporter from 2008

The center location today

Reporter from 2009

Arab Women Agency website

Reporter from 2011

۩ Writing poetry (first court entitled women waiting) 2013 in Algeria

Second Diwan (on my body and my insult) in Iraq 2016

A third court (what the dream did not say) 2018 in Egypt

A collection of stories in progress

  1. Dreams of the beginning


to each story a beginning

we leave behind

every time we approach

to an end …


I’m a woman

without memory

born out of the flush …


my grief writes me

every time I squeeze time

in your absence


I called

your clone …


I do not have a past,

my gift is your smile …


  1. Hiding dreams


Hidden behind your

other women,

I am the one who did not engrave

her name

between the letters of



I am

the saddest of all

the greenest

the most present



I am the mirror

of all…


  1. Dreams of the poem


You there:

a distant man

I’m here:

a distant woman

I loved you

I wrote you

You loved me

you read me

in the middle of reading

& the written word

a distance of love …


rim gomri.

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