Radomir Andrić

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Radomir Andrić was born in 1944 in Ljubanje, near Užice. He fgraduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. More than 40 of his poetry books have been published so far, a…; He is the author of a few books of poetry for children:  also, he is the editor of many anthologies, selections of poems, literary magazines, and other cultural publications and radio programs.

His literary work has been translated into English, Russian, French, Romanian, Macedonian, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Polish, Azeri, Belarus, Greek, Bulgarian, Slovak, and other languages. Radomir Andrić received a significant number of Serbian as well as international awards for his literary accomplishments and great contribution to culture.

He is a member of the ASLA Academy (Oradea, Romania), Slavic Academy of Literature and Art (Varna, Bulgaria), Mediterranean Academy “Brothers Miladinovci” (Struga, Macedonia), and a member of honor of numerous literary associations worldwide. Radomir Andrić is the president of the Association of Serbian Writers. He lives in Belgrade and, as he himself often says, many a place at the same time.


Sunday morning I am at the market.

Soon it will be time for the family lunch

coleslaw would be good.

I line up but ahead of me are

numerous big and excited rabbits.

No one can get to the cabbage bliss before them.


I give up drawn by the aroma of onion

and garlic – healthy yet inexpensive.

I line up but in front of me

a horde of those who without onion

cannot cry over anything,

before them no one can buy tears.

If nothing else I could get nails for the house

long ago started in my stories,

I line up but in front of me

builders of jails, prisons, and scaffolds,

the brothers caught in critical thinking,

no one can buy before them a single nail.

Impatient family is asking

what I bought. I say much

and from that which I bought there

this poem is created,

and without bloody bites lunch has no taste,

in front of the one who is just at this moment being crucified

in vain at the top of Golgotha

completely alone.

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