Get Embraced in the Euphoria of Award Night!

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Recognition have been always one aspect a human being carves for. The desire of getting appreciated and adorned always have been one of the milestones in the journey of an individual. Awards have a potential to open up our hidden talents and at the same time recognizes the impending talent.Considering these aspects; ICMDR (International Conference on Multi-Disciplinary Research) in its third year is going to commemorate the literary figures at ICMDR Awards Mumbai 2020. The award event will witness the commemoration of the literary figures in which they will be awarded in 20 categories.

Some of the notable nominees are:

Peeyush Umarav – Poet, India

‘Best Poetry Award’.

Sourish Roy – AuthorIndia

  • ‘Best Author Award’.
  • ‘Best Debut Author Award’.
  • ‘Best Short Story Collection Award’.

Dr. Sujata Chatterjee – Author, India

  • ‘Best Poet Award’.
  • ‘Best Poetry Award’.
  • ‘Best Author Award’.
  • ‘Best Critic Choice Award’.
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