Muhamed Mahmoud Muhamed Abu Al alaa

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Muhamed Mahmoud Muhamed Abu Al alaa

Mohamed El Sharkawy

Resident in Cairo (Egypt)

Literary activities

Member of the Intellectual Committee of the Union of Writers of Egypt

Member of the International Association of Islamic Literature and Director of Information Committee, Egypt Office

Central lecturer at the Ministry of Culture

Issued to the poet:

1 / Office of love letter 1999

2 / Office of poetry Egypt good and safety 2007 accredited by the Ministry of Education

3 / Children’s poetry book entitled sun threads 2013 accredited by the Ministry of Education

4 / Children’s Poetry, entitled Tales of the Evening 2013, accredited by the Ministry of Education

5 / Children’s poetry book entitled Flowers of Hope 2014 accredited by the Ministry of Education

6 / Diwan poetry confession 2017

7 / Diwan poetry is no longer a secret 2019

8 / The first part of the children’s fiction collection entitled «  Step to Early 2019  »

9 / Diwan hair belt tightening 2019

He has many works for adults and children in print

He received many awards and certificates of appreciation and critics said that he is one of the most prominent poets of children in modern times

Several theses (MA and Ph.D.) on his works for children were discussed at the Universities of Alexandria and Damanhour

Published in many Egyptian and Arabic newspapers and magazines

His works are all published on the Obeikan website and some on Amazon’s global website

My homeland

( poem  for children )


Good morning  my homeland

Morning of good and love


You are the shine of my eyes

And the beating of my heart


You are the embrace and the shelter

Like the hug of the mother and the father


You are the glory in a land

Which god had always protected


You are the religion and the world

For all the east and the west


You are the almighty , my homeland

In times of peace and war


Youth walking to greatness

And doesn’t fear obstacles


A land that is irrigated with love

With pure charming water


I wrote the convenant to work

With the peers and friends


To give it without mentioning giving

And to protect it from dangers


My grandparents have safeguarded it

And they have dug a good way


They said “work to elevate

This is best for people”






Murad Sassi

Mourad Tahir Sassi:

  • Poet, critic and researcher in literature, arts and civilization
  • Has many poems, studies and critical articles ..and others in newspapers and magazines’ (paper and electronic) local national and Arab
  • Presented many creative works for poets, writers and critics (novels, short story, books, poetry collections, critical books) from Tunisia and abroad.
  • His poems and texts were translated into French and English
  • Member of the Tawfiq Bakkar narrative club


+ Coming soon:

  • Genes of storytelling and text seduction in the Tunisian story (short story in Tunisia)
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