Mirsada Šabotić

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Mr Mirsada Šabotić

Mr Mirsada Šabotić is a professor of Montenegrin, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian language and literature. She has been in education since 1991. From the very beginning, she started interactive teaching through organizing debates, panel discussions, classes outside the classroom and collaboration with the local community. To this day Mirsada has remained consistent with her goal to create a school without borders and through teaching points to teach students values that will make them global citizens of the 21st century. She is the leader of several projects: « Poetry Against Eigism », « Everybody! To the kindergarten », « Women’s literature against sex-based abortion « , « To the little ones with love »,’’ With Theatre against Vice ». Mirsada is a writer and literary critic. She has published six books of blistering content. She has received 11 national and international awards and recognitions for her literary work. Mirsada’s rich literary opus and success motivated her students to start writing themselves, and she wholeheartedly helped them. This resulted in 14 student books, and 40 papers (research papers, newspaper articles, stories, poems, and 4 short films that were projected more than 50 times in the country and abroad). Under her mentorship, the students won 26 state and international awards. She wrote and directed 25 theater performances. She is a humanitarian worker, writes for local newspapers, is presented in the Lexicon of the most prominent women in the state, as well as in the Lexicon of the famous educational workers. She has published 90 professional papers in journals and collections in the country and abroa(four novels, a collection of dramatic texts, and a collection of poems) d. (She is a winner of a big number of awards in education: She is the recipient of the Global Teacher Awards – India 2019. ‘’Quality and talent award’’ – Ministry of Education of Montenegro, ‘’Women In 21st Century’’ award for Education in Ex-Yugoslavia, Prize for Professor at Secondary School Competition, ‘’The Future of European Solidarity’’, as part of the TransSol Project organized by the European Alternatives in Brussels, 2018, the Golden Plaque for Entrepreneurship in Culture and Education, 2017.- University of Travnik ‘’ Šantićevo pero’’ for mentoring and artistic achievement talent in affirmation of talent of young people at the festival « Šantićevi Dani » – Belgrade 2017,’’ Iskra’’ Award for Philanthropy – for individual contribution, Active Citizenship Fund, 2015, ‘’Oktoih’’ State Prize for outstanding results achieved in the field of education in Montenegro, Ministry of Education, Montenegro, 2015, ‘’30. Septembar’’ – Prize of the Municipality of Rožaje for Special Contribution to Culture and Education – Rožaje, 2011. Mirsada is an ambassador of Education of Montenegro to Foremost Foundation based in Pakistan.


Made from desert winds,

Sky foam,

Sun rays,

Sparkly stars,

Rainbow colors

Human veins,

And empty pen,

The poem suffers from

The rains of human mold

The souls killed by war

Mother’s blue face

And the graves centuries old and forgotten

A domey mound of slain youth

The poem suffers from

The walls behind which lies hatred,

Cracked concrete from waiting,

And earth red from blood cells,

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