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Ljiljana Gligorijević was born in 1963, in Darkovac near Crna Trava. Since 1967

she lived in Žitkovac, near Aleksinac, where she finished Elementary School and Pedagogical Academy.


Since the 1987-88 school year, she works as a teacher in Crna Trava to this day. In 2007, she graduated from the Faculty of Pedagogy.


She has been writing poetry from an early age, which is published in more than two hundred fifty collections, sleeves, and yearbooks. She received several prestigious awards, muniments, and acknowledgments. She is a dedicated teacher and educator who has won more than three hundred awards, honors, diplomas and commendations in a school, municipal, national and international competitions.


Her first book, “MI ĆEMO TI BITI NADA” is dedicated to Saint Sava and adapted for school-age children, but primarily written for school events (AC “RASKOVNIK”, 2013). In 2007, she published a collection of love poetry “ŠARENICA” (AC “RASKOVNIK”, 2007).


She is one of the Founders and Vice President of the Art Club “RASKOVNIK” in Smederevo, Serbia. At the homonymous club, she successfully runs the Creative Workshop “MILJ”. She is a member of the Teachers’ Association of Leskovac, the Serbian Syndicate of Education, the SKORA – Branch in Smederevo, the Haiku Association of Serbia and Montenegro, the Literary Club “Miroslav Mika Antić” from Inđija, and the Association of Balkan Artists from Subotica, Serbian-Russian Brotherhood – Belgrade, Serbian-Bulgarian Friendship – Novi Sad, an Honorary Member of the Literary Salon “POEZIJA STENKA” Stenka – Belgrade, a coach at the Open Fun Football Schools – Serbia, a delegate of the World Poetry School for Jablanica District (“SCUOLA DI POESIA – SCHOOL OF POETRY / SCUOLA INTERNAZIONALE DI POESIA – WORLD UNION OF POETS

– U.M.P.”).


She writes reviews and does proofreading.


Today she lives and creates in Vlasotince.




Created of a rib, Adam gave her life

She quietly became – to suffer, to love…

To herself and to others gave torments.

Sometimes noiseless, dedicated, fragile, gentle,

Meek as a dear, weak, tenuous…

Like a violin string.

But sometimes bold and proud,

Powerful, dignified and so strong,

Like a volcano blaze… the power of gigantic clouds.

Woman is a mother, sister, daughter, lover, someone’s darling –

She’s an agitation, she’s a hope

That nurtures humankind,

A multitude of tiny lives in her arms she swings.

Although, she is walking tall,

Even when a burden of life hunches her back,

She proudly remains quiet,

Even when she’s resented by men.

A lovely voice seductress with a gentle tan,

Daring look, velvety-sheened skin

With desire, passion, lust…

Easily wins men’s hearts.

She invented love, joy, happiness

Patiently drives sorrow away,

She’s a parent, fighter, scientist, doctor,

Teacher, friend, peasant, worker, mother…

The vastness of a woman’s circle.

Eve, Mary, Mother Teresa,

Mileva Einstein, Curie, Zetkin, Luxemburg,

Tereshkova, Christie, Callas, Isidora, Desanka…

Woman, and before all   a   m o t h e r.

That being who gave birth to humankind,

At the same moment firm, strong –

Yet a gentle breeze, the most beautiful wildflower.

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