Ljiljana Dobra

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Ljiljana Dobra

Little biography:

Ljiljana Dobra (Obradovic) was born 1959, Novi Sad, Serbia.

Now lives and works: Sibenik, Croatia.

Profession: Economist

The poet Ljiljana Dobra has published six books of lyrics and her lyrics have appeared in a number of collections in Croatia, Serbia Bulgaria, Romania.

She participates in recitals and contests for haiku poetry, and her haiku are published in relevant collections of encounters.

She also writes prose and is involved in artistic photography.

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Sibenik, Croatia




In the abyss

the smell of jasmine

wake me up

with blinking without exhale


Fairies playful

at dancing

catched fire

at  hoop from crown


With golden hair

in a circles

they were catching


Who wakes me up

with scents of jasmine

when I’m not here

and I’m waiting

solemnity arrival

no (of departure)


In the abyss

with a candle in the heart

smile waiting

his own fairy

with jasmine.


In a circle …

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