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Jour : 30 novembre 2020

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Maid Čorbić

Maid Čorbić, comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is twenty years old and lives in Tuzla. He spends most of his free time writing and reading books. His works have been published in numerous portals such as « Kosovo Peonies », « Amritanyali Journal »,  » Krajbrezje.mk «  » VIS Internationaly Magazine « and others. He is also the Ambassador of […]

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Cultural Salon Latest News Poems Poetry News Poets of Europe

Giuseppe Milella – Italy-

Questa è la biografia in breve: Giuseppe Milella, nato a Bari il 20 maggio 1967, sposato con Angela, ha due figli. Lavora presso una multinazionale francese da ventisei anni. Dopo aver conseguito il diploma in ragioneria, ha intrapreso gli studi universitari presso la facoltà di Economia e Commercio, ma dopo aver superato qualche esame con […]

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Cultural Salon Latest News Poetry News Poets of Europe

Smaragdi Mitropoulou

Smaragdi Mitropoulou was born in Athens. She has studied history and archeology at the University of Athens and had postgraduate history studies at the University of Cardiff, in Great Britain. She serves in secondary education. She is also a Creative Writing graduate (Diploma in Creative Writing) from the Writers’ Bureau College (Manchester, UK), and has […]

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